Welcome to Café Nest

cinema Experience one of only a handful of single screen cinemas left in Australia.


The great thing about our cinema is that food is never more than an arm’s length away  – you can enjoy our world renowned pizza, glass of wine, and treats all from the comfort of your individual recliner;  how’s that for V.I.P treatment!?

*Please be warned our recliners are known to cause sudden onset of narcolepsy. Nest holds no responsibility for any such attack

Book your seat – Call 02 6948 2950

café Fine food, coffee & wine brought to you with love.


Nest is a gathering place for locals and visitors alike; an opportunity to enjoy great coffee, even better food, read to your heart’s content, ponder life’s mysteries, be inspired (or amused) by the local colour and to ultimately be uplifted. As a licensed café we love to create delicious good-looking dishes and craft our own cakes and treats, all while showcasing the best produce our region has on offer, including world class wines and cider.

*Nest holds no responsibility for overindulgence 

Inside Cafe Nest

books Our carefully curated book selection is food for the heart, soul and mind.


We love a good book almost as much as we love a good meal, so you can be sure when browsing our selection that you’re being presented with a literary medley worthy of any bibliophile’s attention. We strive to feature a tailored selection; from classic literature, biographies, children’s books, even a few pre-loved and the hard to resist illustrated gift books. We’re also proud to have an extensive poetry section, personally curated by one of our local poet laureates.

*Nest holds no responsibility for lost hours by the fire with a good book.



  • Reason two to be in Tumbarumba June 21

    Reason two to be in Tumbarumba June 21

    # 2 GROW Garden workshop by Whole Larder Love

  • Reason One to be in Tumbarumba 21 June

    Reason One to be in Tumbarumba 21 June

    #1 Cook ...Wild Rabbit Workshop by Whole Larder Love

    Now plenty of our farming folks around these parts probably already know how to do this. Or perhaps you’re a bit of a Bear Grylls man or woman yourself. For the rest of us though, if you were handed a freshly killed rabbit and were faint with hunger, well, you’d likely faint.

  • Woodland Film Festival 2014

    Woodland Film Festival 2014

    Woodland Film Festival is on again this 1-3 August in our picturesque part of the world. The call is out for short films of all shapes and sizes with special categories for locals, students and animation and serious prize money up for grabs. (not to mention all the accolades and prestige)




  • Coffee


    A good day can be better with coffee. If it's good. A bad coffee makes a bad day worse and a good day a little awful. For some at least. (it's ok we aren't totally obsessed we like other beverages too and the joys of life without) Alas, we have some coffee news to share...

  • Car wash Saturday

    Car wash Saturday

    Boys have great ideas. Boy X in this story came up with "Free car wash for every Breakfast Table"

  • Late Summer Flavours

    Late Summer Flavours

    I was quoted long ago to have said 'It's all about the food'. It was likely someone else's original phrase however it was then quoted back to me at almost every gathering of our friends and family.
    Well, now it really is all about the food at Nest.