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café Fine food, coffee & wine brought to you with love.


Nest is a gathering place for locals and visitors alike; an opportunity to enjoy great coffee, even better food, read to your heart’s content, ponder life’s mysteries, be inspired (or amused) by the local colour and to ultimately be uplifted. As a licensed café we love to create delicious good-looking dishes and craft our own cakes and treats, all while showcasing the best produce our region has on offer, including world class wines and cider.

*Nest holds no responsibility for overindulgence 

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We're Open

  •  8am – 3pm
  •  8am – 3pm
  •  8am – 3pm
  •  8am – 3pm
  •  8am – 9ishpm
  •  8am – 3pm

And other times by arrangement.  Please note Covid-19 limitations and conditions of entry are in place.

All Bookings

Call (02) 6948 2950

Menu & Wine List

Our menu is based around seasonal produce from our food garden, nearby orchards, fields, streams and lots of lovely locals. With cool climate wines, cider, craft beer and fresh juice to accompany your meal, you can really eat and drink of Tumbarumba and surrounds.

Breakfast is available 8am - 11am, Lunch 11:30am-2pm and Dinner Friday 5pm - 8pm.  
This what you might find for breakfast here and on a Friday night Pizza Menu .  Lunch is ever fresh and seasonal... 


  • Coffee


    A good day can be better with coffee. If it's good. A bad coffee makes a bad day worse and a good day a little awful. For some at least. (it's ok we aren't totally obsessed we like other beverages too and the joys of life without) Alas, we have some coffee news to share...

  • Car wash Saturday

    Car wash Saturday

    Boys have great ideas. Boy X in this story came up with "Free car wash for every Breakfast Table"

  • Late Summer Flavours

    Late Summer Flavours

    I was quoted long ago to have said 'It's all about the food'. It was likely someone else's original phrase however it was then quoted back to me at almost every gathering of our friends and family.
    Well, now it really is all about the food at Nest.

  • Easter Nest

    Easter Nest

    Do we have your attention?

  • ABC Open Story

    ABC Open Story

    ABC Open shares some of the nest story on their Creative Space Blog feature

  • To Market to Market

    To Market to Market

    To market to market to buy a fresh..

  • Tumbanest: Live Music, Dinner + Moonlight Cinema

    Tumbanest: Live Music, Dinner + Moonlight Cinema

    It's Tumbarumba's grand summer weekend of food, wine, markets and music in our picturesque outdoors. Tumbafest is here again and so is TumbaNest!

  • Love is in the Air

    Love is in the Air

    Of course it is every day right but this Valentines Day we can help make it a little bit special for you and your beloved

  • Food Love

    Food Love

    The way we see food is a little different.