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café Fine food, coffee & wine brought to you with love.


Nest is a gathering place for locals and visitors alike; an opportunity to enjoy great coffee, even better food, read to your heart’s content, ponder life’s mysteries, be inspired (or amused) by the local colour and to ultimately be uplifted. As a licensed café we love to create delicious good-looking dishes and craft our own cakes and treats, all while showcasing the best produce our region has on offer, including world class wines and cider.

*Nest holds no responsibility for overindulgence 

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  •  8am – 3pm
  •  8am – 3pm
  •  8am – 3pm
  •  8am – 3pm
  •  8am – 9ishpm
  •  8am – 3pm

And other times by arrangement.  Please note Covid-19 limitations and conditions of entry are in place.

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Call (02) 6948 2950

Menu & Wine List

Our menu is based around seasonal produce from our food garden, nearby orchards, fields, streams and lots of lovely locals. With cool climate wines, cider, craft beer and fresh juice to accompany your meal, you can really eat and drink of Tumbarumba and surrounds.

Breakfast is available 8am - 11am, Lunch 11:30am-2pm and Dinner Friday 5pm - 8pm.  
This what you might find for breakfast here and on a Friday night Pizza Menu .  Lunch is ever fresh and seasonal... 


  • Gift Giving Goodness

    Gift Giving Goodness

    Gift giving can be one of the joys of Christmas and made extra special when you can find a good looking, local or handmade offering.

  • Meet the Winemaker

    Meet the Winemaker

    We've been meaning to introduce you to this guy. Responsible for many of our locally produced bottles of drinking pleasure in beautiful reds and whites, he also has his own label. This talented young winemaker who has made an international impression on the wine scene, is a local in these parts now and will be bringing his wine to you personally on Saturday 16 November at Nest.

  • Tumbarumba Tastebuds - A Lush Spring Affair

    Tumbarumba Tastebuds - A Lush Spring Affair

    Tumbarumba Tastebuds - A Lush Spring Affair 16 -17 November
    Nest is proud to be part of this weekend affair showcasing great seasonal local food, award winning local wines and a fascinating topical film in our unique cinema.

  • The Great Gatsby Fancy Dress, Film & Fine Finger Food

    The Great Gatsby Fancy Dress, Film & Fine Finger Food

    "I love Large Parties, their so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy" Well our dear friends we are putting on a party call it small or large just get on your 1920's decadent getup and join us an evening of glamour.

  • Woodland Film Festival 2013 Concludes

    Woodland Film Festival 2013 Concludes

    And what a hootenanny it was! With film makers and good timers coming out of the woodworks near and far to celebrate this collision of creativity and and class set against the wintery backdrop of our beloved Tumbarumba.

  • Vive la France!

    Vive la France!

    Tis been told Bastille Day night out at nest was a highlight of the year. With french food, film and fancy dress with a dash of french accents and voila! it at least makes for a less than ordinary night out.

  • Welcome to Winter Fireside Dinner featuring local Truffles, Wines & Delights

    Welcome to Winter Fireside Dinner featuring local Truffles, Wines & Delights

    We love winter at Nest. With an open fire, lounges, windows to gaze out of, aromas of hearty stews, snow falling around the mountains and sugar coating our forests, well, how couldn't you?

  • Local Produce & Handmade Market - This Saturday!

    Local Produce & Handmade Market - This Saturday!

    Winter and you may think not much is growing. Well down in the earthy soil under the oak trees exotic little truffles are maturing around these parts. This Saturday Colleen will be selling these rare goodies direct to the public at our market. Tara will be there with her homemade jars of goodness and Amanda with her Norwex range. Don't fret for inclement weather, we have a back up indoor plan! More stall holders most welcome so folks hope you can all come on down this Saturday morning and be part of & support this little making growing community.

  • Have a Night out at the Movies!

    Have a Night out at the Movies!

    Have a Night out at the Movies! A special offer for the coming cooler months

  • Apples and Quinces

    Apples and Quinces

    "Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness." -- Jane Austen
    With the bounty of apples adorning the local trees we are taking pleasure in finding ways to help create such domestic happiness in Tumbarumba. Of course I'm sure Miss Austen also meant to include Apple Oaty Cinnamon Muffins, Tarte Tatin, Apple Blueberry Crumble, Lumberjack...