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books Our carefully curated book selection is food for the heart, soul and mind.


We love a good book almost as much as we love a good meal, so you can be sure when browsing our selection that you’re being presented with a literary medley worthy of any bibliophile’s attention. We strive to feature a tailored selection; from classic literature, biographies, children’s books, even a few pre-loved and the hard to resist illustrated gift books. We’re also proud to have an extensive poetry section, personally curated by one of our local poet laureates.

*Nest holds no responsibility for lost hours by the fire with a good book.


  • Whole larder love Grow.Gather.Hunt.Cook

    Whole larder love Grow.Gather.Hunt.Cook

    Here at Nest we absolutely LOVE books...especially those with food and love in the contents. Our books are hand-picked and Whole Larder Love is one of these gems.

  • Gift Giving Goodness

    Gift Giving Goodness

    Gift giving can be one of the joys of Christmas and made extra special when you can find a good looking, local or handmade offering.

  • To Read or To See

    To Read or To See

    Classic stories made into epic films. Perhaps the film inspires you to read the book or do you have to read it first and then see it on film?