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books Our carefully curated book selection is food for the heart, soul and mind.


We love a good book almost as much as we love a good meal, so you can be sure when browsing our selection that you’re being presented with a literary medley worthy of any bibliophile’s attention. We strive to feature a tailored selection; from classic literature, biographies, children’s books, even a few pre-loved and the hard to resist illustrated gift books. We’re also proud to have an extensive poetry section, personally curated by one of our local poet laureates.

*Nest holds no responsibility for lost hours by the fire with a good book.


  • Holiday Reading

    Holiday Reading

    School Holidays are starting and what better way to spend some of these glorious days than under a tree with good book, or a whole series of books.

  • Books books books!

    Books books books!

    We've got books coming out of our ears!

  • Fight Club Book Review

    Fight Club Book Review

    What a great idea! Take the Union Hotel and cross it with a gentleman’s club. A place to work out the angst of modern existence in a discrete environment.