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  • 11-Apr-2013 07:52 AM



    A good day can be better with coffee.  If it's good.  A bad coffee makes a bad day worse and a good day a little awful.  For some at least. (it's ok we aren't totally obsessed we like other beverages and the joys of life without) Alas, we have some coffee news to share...

    We have recently made friends with a little thriving business just over yonder in Wagga Wagga known as The Blessed Bean.  BB (we'll call them now as we're forging ahead our friendship) are all about coffee. 

    Given alot of our day revolves around making and serving coffee to our lovely nest friends, we are always on the lookout to improve your favourite cup.  We also love to support local producers.  BB  roast beans from around the world and apply their passion for coffee into selecting blends and single origin beans that start the process of making a good cup.  

    So BB being the one of the closest roasters to Tumbarumba and establishing a reputation for great coffee and all that they do; Nest has started using their fresh roasted beans in our daily brew.  You will find allsorts of blends like the Senorita, Hombre, Espingarda and more all with different flavour subtleties - wish you could smell the beans right now!   Some of us love a freshly ground coffee at home too so we are now selling retail packs of beans.  Packaged up in style it makes for a quaint gift idea too.

    Enthused by our new friendship and shared love for coffee, we are looking forward to collaborating further with techniques, education and training to deliver our best crafted cup of coffee to you, every time. It is after all all about you and making that good day better.

  • 21-Mar-2013 07:42 AM

    Car wash Saturday

    Car wash Saturday Boys have great ideas.  Boy X in this story came up with "Free car wash for every Breakfast Table"

    This Saturday 23 March you can have your car all clean and shiny at Nest just by booking in ahead your breakfast.  Call Nest by Friday to book in your breakfast table and yes we will wash your car for free.  You are also helping our lawn get a little extra watering.
  • 21-Mar-2013 12:17 AM

    Late Summer Flavours

    Late Summer Flavours I was quoted long ago to have said 'It's all about the food'.  It was likely someone else's original phrase however it was then quoted back to me at almost every gathering of our friends and family.

    Well, now it really is all about the food at Nest.  Summer has departed and our menu has been updated to introduce Autumn flavours(see our menu page for the detail). Before we farewell summers bounty though, here is a taste of what we have enjoyed featuring in the cafe and on the road at recent events.  

    Dreams come true.  I feel abundantly blessed to have become owner of a garden with a fig tree.  At nest this meant fresh figs in muffins, on pizza, stuffed and wrapped in prosciutto for a starter, sugar grilled on a trifle, cooked to be jammy and teamed in savoury tartlets. 

    Being in Tumbarumba surrounded by world class vineyards doesn't just mean we get to serve up award winning wines in our restaurant.  Local vine leaves - thank you Courabyra Wines! - wrapped up a tasty canape of risotto among other tastes of summer starters at a recent catering soiree.



    Another summery way to serve our wonderful local fare is a sorbet of cider or wine.  At the recent Tumbanest (Nests evening dinner & live music affair post Tumbafest); we showcased Johansens Red Gamay as a sorbet with local berries and Batlow Cider sorbet served on a Juicy grilled white Peach. We haven't got a close up on the food here rather a snap of some dinner guests we enjoyed having. There is also a peak of Grace Kelly in our Moonlight Cinema feature for those who lingered long enough after the peachy tunes from Caleb & Alex. 

    Celebrities, Moonlight cinema, festivals, country soirees, summer to autumn; it is still all about the food.

    Fare thee well Summer, come enjoy the harvest of Autumn with us.

  • 22-Mar-2013 01:51 AM

    Easter Nest

    Easter Nest

    Easter is almost upon us which could mean all sorts to all sorts of you. Here at Nest HQ it means we are busy nesting ready to hatch our chocolate eggs. 

    Following last years popularity, we are again making Easter Treats for you to indulge your friends, family or yourself.  Handcrafted Chocolate peppermint or Chocolate Turkish Delight Truffles in a Chocolate nest and gift wrapped ready to delight any chocolate or fine food fan. 

    We are taking orders now for Gift Wrapped Chocolate Truffle Easter Nests until Monday 25 March.  Eggstras (sorry couldn't help it) may be available however we recommend ordering in advance to avoid disappointment.  Call the Nest Ladies on 6948 2950 to place your Easter Chocolate Nest order. 

    Here is when we are open over Easter

    Thursday: 8am - 6pm

    Good Friday: 9am - 12noon - Coffee & Limited menu

    Easter Saturday: 8am - 10pm

    Easter Sunday: Closed

    Easter Monday: 9am - 3pmish

  • 08-Feb-2013 10:27 PM

    ABC Open Story

    ABC Open Story
    ABC Open shares some of the nest story on their Creative Space Blog feature.  
    'The latest stop in our tour of creative spaces in the Riverina is the picturesque town of Tumbarumba...' ABC Open Creative Space Post