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Nest was born out of all things we love.  Good wholesome food, decent coffee, a penchant for socialising and being surrounded by beautiful things.

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What A Gem –

What a gem Nest is. A little bit of inner city Melbourne, that has somehow found itself in the country. It's like a twister must have picked it up from Smith or Lygon Streets, and dropped it down here, squishing the Wicked Witch of the East in the process. Great service, good food, cheap prices, coffee as good as it gets, local produce is on sale and, one can even catch a movie. What's not to like?
- Bruce Rowston,  5*Facebook review Feb 2017

Australian Traveller Magazine: – Stop at Nest for the Berry pancakes alone

Australian Traveller Magazine Sept 2015 Issue include Nest as "pick of the litter" to visit on a tour of the Snowy Mountains.

An extract from the article:

Day Two: A Flick and a Pizza in Tumbarumba

You'll need to fuel up for another day of wandering and, while in Tumbarumba, the pick of the litter is Nest Cafe on Winton Street. This gem is straight out of a fairytale with book-lined shelves to ponder as you overindulge in blueberry pancakes with ice-cream and a side of coffee.  Owner Laura Fraumeni has also converted the back room into a cinema with Friday and Saturday night evening flicks accompanied by a tempting pizza selection, the Original White is a favourite with crisp rosemary potatoes, prosciutto and pesto.

Sheridan Rogers – Visit from a Foodie

What a lovely surprise visit we had from this award winning food and travel writer, food stylist and broadcaster; Sheridan Rogers. Needless to say we ate, talked food and recipes one of which now features in Sheridans blog. mmm our Delicious Blueberry Ricotta Tart 

Read Sheridan's review here

Jane Duffin – Thankful feaster

Just a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful catering you did for Hyne yesterday. Both the Sydney and Brisbane based bankers commented that the lunch was delicious and when were you heading to the city. Even had one of them comment as a P.S. in a email today to say thank you for a sumptuous feast. 
Again thanks and will be looking you up for the next occasion in Tumba.

Fred Jindera – Unweary traveller

How good does it get.

A nice motorcycle ride up to Tumba from Jindera, a good movie in a cool theatre (all to myself), a great meal,with coffee n cake after the movies.

The movie (Loopers),was a bit gory but had a story line that made One think ...

I often ride or drive to Tumbarumba for coffee sometimes a movie and highly recommend your business to others ..
Seasons greetings.

Fred, Jindera

Scott – Winter (and Nest) lover

'Brilliant, just brilliant.'

Thanks for another great day at Nest. You know social networking offers a lot of advantages but one thing it will never replace is the warm vibe of a tangible space to socialise. Laura, I always feel especially privileged and indulged to have killed a few hours in your little establishment.

Yesterday I noticed these 3 words randomly appearing on your menu - we love family, i guess they've been there for past 3 years, I just hadn't noticed. What a simple yet beautiful sentiment. My friend Ruth noted a girl about 4yo sitting with her family (a couple of generations) tucking into some blueberries and french toast - promise made, promise kept.

You must be very proud of what you have created. I remember the early days, the previous lessees and the year it sat gathering dust. You and "the Nest girls" have breathed new life not just into the place, but the town. Thanks for taking the gamble and investing your heart and soul into this venture as so many people's days have been made over the past 3 years.

When it's cold like yesterday, I do think of you and your oft-stated preference for Winter and cosy open fires. Nest is a great place to be on a cool day, any day really.

I better close there; I know you'll just humbly take my compliments in your usual graceful way saying thanks and head back to your kitchen cooking up another delicious treat for some lucky punter. And I'll look forward to my next visit. Always well worth the 2 hour drive from Corowa!

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