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  • 11-May-2017 10:46 PM

    Rainy Night Reward

    Rainy Night Reward

    Any rainy night during May to August if you come in for dinner and/or movies on Friday and Saturday night, we'll shout you a drink for making the effort.

    We're working on making sure our Nest is a cosy winter destination for you to get out and enjoy dinner, a movie, dessert or even a glass of wine and a good book for company.   

    It can be an effort sometimes to leave home in cold wet weather though so when you do we want to show our appreciation for that extra effort it takes and give you a glass of wine/beer/coffee.  We'll be ready and waiting anyway no matter the weather.

  • 11-May-2017 09:57 PM

    Autumn Menu of apples, quince and pumpkins

    Autumn Menu of apples, quince and pumpkins

    Our tomatoes have been relished making menu room for Autumn produce

    The Nest lunch menu has been updated as we prepare for wintery weather and the gardens giving up pumpkins and quinces.

    Keeping some Nest classics, we have a winter warming bowl food and a seasonal soup added to the lineup.  This means each week you'll find a different dish to enjoy along with your favourites.

    The backyard sweet tomatoes have been preserved into relish and quinces have been cooked for hours transforming to sweet aromatic paste, sauce and dessert.   These are featured through our menu and available in retail takehome jars.

    Our pizza menu has recently had an upgrade too with new additions:   The stinky 2 cheese pizza the smoked trout pizza.  All the favourites are still on however you might find these new ones could become your new Friday night takeaway habit...

    Don't forget Desserts

    We love creating and baking sweet treats in our Nest kitchen and want to share more with you.
    Every weekend now along with our cakes and sweets you can come in and enjoy a pudding feature or the Nest dainty dessert trio. Who doesn't love a good pud!   Catch a movie, enjoy dinner by the fire or just come out for coffee and a delicious dessert discovery.  Friday and Saturday nights - bookings recommended.
  • 03-Apr-2017 08:57 PM

    Get your Farm fresh Batlow Apples at Nest

    Get your Farm fresh Batlow Apples at Nest

    Mountain grown apples from our famous Batlow neighbours are in season now. We're excited to source them fresh from the orchard to sell instore now til the end of the apple picking.

    Of course you can buy apples year round in the supermarket however we prefer to go with the seasonal thing and proudly support growers Wilgro Orchards who sell their apples (& other produce) only in the picking season.   

    Wilgro have a roadside stall and specialise in tree ripened fruit grown as naturally as possible with very low chemical and fertiliser usage. They integrate natural pest and disease control with limited chemical intervention.

    So you can be sure these apples are fresh and tasty as they come.  

    Pop in to Nest and pick up your 2kg bag of delicious daily medicine from now through til about May.