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  • Café 05-Jul-2014 08:58 PM

    A Special Blend

    A Special Blend

    The Blessed Bean crew sure know their coffee, how to roast it, smell it, taste it and blend it in to a very likeable brew. They invited us to share this behind the scenes process to come up with our very own special blend of the blessed beans.

    As a very thoughtful birthday present, the Blessed Bean wanted to make us our own unique coffee blend. So we did it! A sweet mix of Brazilian and Ethopian beans were our pick after a cupping session.  If you've never seen (or even heard) of a cupping session before, without going into loads of detail, let me just say it will deepen your respect for these guys and their passion, knowledge and diligence to creating good coffee.  

    Picture a lineup of 8 different coffee beans from around the world, freshly roasted and ground.  Your job is to smell and slurp your way around them to identify fruity, acidic, earthy, sweet, buttery,spicy, chocolatey tones, flavours, aroma, mouthfeel, body and aftertaste.  

    The BB gang do this every week but for a novice at the process like me, it was quite a challenge to hone in on the delicate differences. A worthwhile mission though as we came up with our very own custom blend of coffee (notnestcafeblend43) and an even greater appreciation of what it takes to get a handsome dark beverage.

    So, come in and try our birthday blend and if you're reading this and remember, tell us and we'll shout you a second cup.  Cheers