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    Apples and Quinces

    Apples and Quinces

    "Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness." -- Jane Austen
    With the bounty of apples adorning the local trees we are taking pleasure in finding ways to help create such domestic happiness in Tumbarumba.  Of course I'm sure Miss Austen also meant to include Apple Oaty Cinnamon Muffins, Tarte Tatin, Apple Blueberry Crumble, Lumberjack...


    If you have any apple delights you'd like us to try, we are open for suggestions.  I'm also quite certain there are a good many seasoned apple pie bakers in these parts or eager young cooks who just need a bag of fresh apples to create their own domestic bliss.   Well we're also blessed here to have a seasonal supply of delicious (in variety too ha) local apples stocked daily by our resident lady-of-the-orchard Heather.

    So call in anytime we're open for your pick of fresh apples.  You will probably think they are too nice to put in a pie and eat them fresh! 

    Quinces are another favourite at this time of year. Watching  this alluring fruit transform from a greeny lemon colour to a deep ruby is a treat.  Slow cooked and served in their syrup with cream & toasted almonds these treasures were a hit on the dessert menu last week.  The quince season continues and so will our quincey concoctions that we look forward to sharing with you.