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    Fine Folks edition 1

    Fine Folks edition 1

    One of the joys in our day at Nest is chatting with folks from near and far, hearing their stories, discussing the latest topics in the Tumba Times, local grapevine, Radio National or occasionally about the weather. Today we'd like you to meet one of our loyal regulars; local fencing contractor, all-round nice guy, avid AFL team player(impressive for a bloke his age) and responsible for introducing Miss Nest to Mr Nest.

    Damien Fraumeni aka Frau, Damo, The Big Fella, DamoMan, Regular sized Double shot Flat white

    N: When did you first come across Nest?
    D: In it's current incarnation (his wife ironically operated the Cinema Cafe when it was known as The Old Masons in 2007) opening week June 2009

    N: Describe Nest in five words
    D: It is always an experience  (hmm, you can interpret that how you wish)

    N: How long have you resided in Tumba Shire? 
    D: 15 Years. Most recently on a small farm in Tooma Valley with his lovely wife Sue and occasionally his two teenager almost grownups

    N: Best meal you last enjoyed?
    D: Would have to be my birthday special of Corned Beef, Vege & white sauce - and then dessert with a private screening of Evil Roy Slade on the big Nest cinema screen (yes it's true and we don't just give special cinema treatment to the likes of Damien's)

    N:Where's your favourite perch at Nest?
    D: At the glass top table by the door where I can chat to everyone who comes in (It's a fairly known place to seek out Damien if you're ever looking for him)

    N: Favourite Film?
    D: Shawshank Redemption, well that's one I keep watching over

    N: Last Book you read?
    D: The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich

    N: Who do you like to heckle most at Nest?
    D: Nat - is that going to be everyone's answer? haha

    Thanks Damien for being our debut pop quiz guinea pig, just demonstrates typical Damo, up for anything and keen to help out.  Things like Christmas eve 2009 installing the Nest pole and newly made giant Nest, Singing with gusto the French National Anthem to a cheering crowd of diners at our Bastille Day Dinner and that's not even going near the football and cricket club for tales...