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    Hurrah for Holidays!

    Hurrah for Holidays!

    For yours that is and well yes, we are taking a couple of days to celebrate with our families too. Alas we shan't be gone from our nest too long so we can be here to treat you to the joys of dining out, catching up with friends, escaping for a quiet coffee, read or reclining for a movie. AND to indulge you a little more we'll be open Sundays for the silly season!  We'd hate to miss you so here's a note of when we're in.  

    Sunday 23 Dec: 9am - 2pm

    Monday 24 Dec: 8am - 12noon

    Tuesday 25 Dec: closed

    Wednesday 26 Dec: closed

    Thursday 27 Dec: 8am - 6pm

    Friday 28 Dec: 8am - 10pm

    Saturday 29 Dec: 8am - 10pm

    Sunday 30 Dec: 9am - 2pm

    Monday 31 Dec: 8am - 4pm

    Tuesday 1 Dec: 9am - 4pm

    As our 2012 draws to it's end here's our chance to say a big thank you to YOU for being our nest friend. We've enjoyed meeting lots of new to nest people and treasure our regular nest friends dearly and wish all of you a truly delicious and cheerful Christmas.  Love your nest ladies - Laura, Natalie, Lauren, Carmen, Isabella, Kerryn, Lilly, Allie, Kat, Tara, Jade and Jessie.