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  • Café 24-Aug-2014 09:39 PM

    Nest Building Season

    Nest Building Season

    We love sharing our nest with folks whether they've travelled from afar or those who dwell close by.    

    This spring we want to find more folks to come and share all things nest with us and to do this, we are asking for a bit of help.

    As a seasoned or even fresh nest friend that you are, we are hoping you could help us find some new friends. We sure as heck want to keep all our 'old' friends too rest assured! 

    To show our gratitude for your custom and help in the nest building; from 25 August to 30 September, each time you bring a nest newbie friend in for a meal* or film, we will shout you dear nest friend to an armchair cinema ticket. Yep. free movie tickets! and a multitude of thanks of course for helping us build and strengthen our nest.  

    If there are ever any other suggestions you have on how we can improve Nest, don't by shy in telling us either - we are in all this for you! well, we like being in our nest too but you know what I'm saying..

    So I hope to see you soon over this spectacular spring season with or without some new faces. You can watch the outdoor part of nest grow too with the further construction of our gazebos and gardens.(thanks to the handiwork of Mr Nest)

    *Meal = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Pizza 

    I am the sort of person who writes letters with p.s pps ppps's so here is a p.s to ponder

    The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship. - William Blake