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    Reason One to be in Tumbarumba 21 June

    Reason One to be in Tumbarumba 21 June

    #1 Cook Wild Rabbit

    Now plenty of our farming folks around these parts probably already know how to do this.  Or perhaps you’re a bit of a Bear Grylls man or woman yourself.  For the rest of us though, if you were handed a freshly killed rabbit and were faint with hunger, well, you’d likely faint.

    So, in the interest of survival, curiosity, boosting ones primeval ego, a hearty appetite and good fun, we bring you this WILD RABBIT WORKSHOP by Whole Larder Love.

    Why Rabbit?
    The beast is an environmental pest, its in abundance, its sustainable in that the population manages itself, its also free, organic and costs next to nothing to harvest. 

    So why do we no longer eat rabbit? 
    Well we can’t tell you everything now, book in and join Rohan and workshop the process of how to get a freshly shot wild rabbit onto the plate.  
    Skinning, gutting, butchering, cooking & eating!

    You can get hands on and dirty or stand a little to the side and observe. Everyone in the workshop will get to sample the rabbit in it’s yummy cooked version.  

    Workshop includes coffee by us, communal lunch to conclude the workshop with a glass of local wine and ample inspiration, stories to share and photo opportunities.
    Cost $95
    Time 10am – 1pmish

    Meet on the steps of RSL adjacent to Nest
    56 Winton Street, Tumbarumba

    Call us on 02 69482950 to book your ticket.  Keeping this a little intimate and hands on, there are limited tickets so don’t be dallying over your decision.  You can pay over the phone or in person and we will post you out an official ticket.  

    e: laura@cafe-nest.com