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    Food Love

    Food Love

    The way we see food is a little different.

    While our cuisine is built on principles of simplicity and local produce, the combination of our wait staff, location and small-town charm make for one heck of a dining experience. Our well-loved favorites are often accompanied by carefully crafted, one of a kind menu items that take advantage of seasonal produce available locally.

    And while we love food as a stand-alone entity, what we love even more is what it represents. From its ability to lend energy to effectively sustain life (so deep, I know) to its knack for bringing people together, food is so deeply engrained in our day-to-day lives that we often take it for granted.

    So, whenever your next meal beckons you, be it a lowly salad sandwich or feast fit for a prime minister, we encourage you to show a little respect to your food in any way you see fit, even if it be a simple acknowledgement of the importance it holds in your life.

    Better yet, come in and celebrate with us, we’d love to see you.

    Bye for now
    Laura and the Nest team