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  • Books, Cinema 09-May-2013 06:23 PM

    To Read or To See

    To Read or To See Classic stories made into epic films.  Perhaps the film inspires you  to read the book or do you have to read it first and then see it on film? 

    No right or better answer here in the nest world you can enjoy both options, and why not?   Get cosy by the fire at home with your hot milo, peppermint tea or glass of red and get swept away in the adventure and intrigue by the words that draw you into another world.  Or make an outing with friends and experience the story painted across the Cinema screen with all the sound and visuals to bring the book alive in different ways.  
    This is topical right now as we are screening Les Miserables.  You may have seen it on stage as the musical or read the Victor Hugo book first published in 1862. Wow and look how it has been transformed into this compelling picture film!  
    The Great Gatsby is another of the moment big film remake. This is now the 5th film adaption of the Great Gatsby beginning with a silent movie in 1926 - doesn't that make you want to read the book and even watch ALL the film adaptations? No? 
    Well whilst this is just premiering in the big city lights, Nest WILL be screening The 2013 version of Great Gatsby later this year - ooh maybe we can make it a dress up theme too!
    Meanwhile, you will have time to read the book.  We've just ordered the lavish and glorious Baz Luhrmann film tie-in edition of The Great Gatsby and expecting it to be on Nest shelves next week.

    Be sure to browse the shelves for more enticing  tales depicted in books and on the cinema screen. Brighton Rock, Fight Club, Pride & Prejudice, Anna Karenina Peter Pan, Les Miserables to rattle off a few. New arrivals will be fresh in store by Thursday 16th May.   I can't wait! Cookbooks, Craft books, Romance Novels, Man books, Gift books, Kids books...