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    Your Easter Nest 2015

    Your Easter Nest 2015

    Your Easter Nest this year looks like:


    A Limited edition of our handcrafted Easter Chocolate Truffle Nests are available in store or by ordering 69482950. Cherry Ripe or Peppermint Dark Chocolate truffles in a delicate Chocolate Nest

    9am-12noon Love to see you for Coffee, Breakfast Tarts, Our Hot Cross Buns, Cake or a brunch of Smoked Trout & local wine 
    8am- 10pm Join us for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, inbetweens and Family Film screenings at 10am, 3pm, 8pm. 
    Bookings recommended for Dinner and/or Film 
    10am-3pm Kicks off with an Easter Egg Hunt from 10am, Coffee, Hot Cross Buns and Lunch from 11am with our Pizza menu, Seasons Specials and plenty of Chocolate Desserts. Feature Film at 11am.

    Bookings recommended for Lunch and/or Film


    9am-2pm  Enjoy a holiday Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch with us and put your feet up for a film at 11am

    p.s The Hot Cross Buns Nat's been baking in store have been selling out so we recommend getting in early while they're warm, fresh and still there!

    Feature Film in our Armchair Cinema 3-9 April

    The Man From Coxs River (PG)

    Can a mission to save a mob of doomed brumbies in an inaccessible wilderness bring fiercely independent horseman and feral control National Parks Ranger to see the world through each other's eyes?
    As the budgetary clock ticks, we investigate wilderness management, heritage and the call of the wild in a funny, intense and haunting film you may never forget...

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    Saturday 10am,3pm,8pm

    Sunday 11am

    Monday 11am

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am & 2pm