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  • Café 12-Jun-2015 10:51 AM

    Grand news for Gluten Free Folks

    Grand news for Gluten Free Folks

    Like our pizzas but can't tolerate the gluten? Well no more need for despair, staying home forever cooking your own meals.

    As of Friday 12 June, you can have any pizza from our menu and substitute our classic wheat base with a totally Gluten Free, tummy ache free base! 

    We thought that was pretty grand news and worth sharing.   

    The bases are made offsite, stored seperately then cooked on designated trays to minimise any sneaky gluten bits getting in*. Please just make sure you let us know your allergies and we'll do our darndest to accommodate.
    Our Nest dinner menu always has at least one special that is gluten free and we do aim to keep the sweets range fresh with yummy gluten free choices.  So it's not just pizza you can eat gluten free at Nest.

    It does cost an extra $5 for the special delicious gluten free substitute but we think you'll be pretty happy with the result.

    *Every effort is made to keep allergens as requested out of your food however we do prepare and cook food in a small kitchen where gluten nuts dairy seafood eggs and so forth are used.