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  • Café 22-Mar-2016 09:24 PM

    Jewels in our Backyard

    Jewels in our Backyard

    What joy and beauty found in our backyard

    No I didn't dig up a diamond ring or discover a rare Kaleidoscope of butterflies (thankyou google).  I simply picked a haul of tomatoes.   This brings me great joy which I possibly needn't explain why when you see the glorious collection of edible jewels like that, however here are more reasons I rejoice.

    That taste. homegrown, chemical free, plucked from the vine, perfectly ripe taste.

    They grew. It never ceases to astound me how tiny seeds + dirt + water + sunshine develop into a gianormous tree, exquisite or even plain flowers and in this case delicious nutritious food

    We have a garden.  Mr Nest transformed a weedy hill to productive beds of soil that are now being used to feed my family and our Nest customers.   It looks wonderful and is soul satisfying to pop out and pick fresh greens, herbs, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, figs, zucchinis...and make a meal to share or just eat it right there. My two year old does. 

    Beauty.  Could you have imagined or invented yourself what a tomato would look like and all the heirloom varieties? An incredible palette of colour in what typically you'd describe as just red.

    Tis the end almost of our tomato season here in Tumbarumba and perhaps that's why they are such a treasure because we have to wait eight months or so of  the year before we can grow and harvest again.

    Hope you can make it in if you haven't yet to enjoy for yourself these summer sweets in our menu.  

    My favourite is the black* small plum size fresh with my poached eggs and fresh rocket, also from the garden but then the tiny sweet pops of red and yellow are so cute and yum and then you take just a slice from a big beef steak tom and it's the perfect fit for a lamb burger. Oh they are all pretty and purposeful.

    *I apologise for not committing to memory all the varieties.