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  • Café 13-Aug-2015 01:30 PM

    Local Wild Sourdough now at Nest

    Local Wild Sourdough now at Nest

    When Nest began, my dream was to bake Sourdough, the true wild fermented way.  Inspired by many a bakery tasting around the world and love for homemade goodness, I wanted to bake it, eat it and share it in our Nest.

    The practicality of baking true sourdough and running the business that Nest has become (and having a family) though over time has meant this is still a dream until, I found Jenny!

    Jenny Brown lives up the road from my old Laurel Hill home and along with her free range eggs Jenny makes and sells sourdough, yep the real deal made without yeast but a patient fermenting process. Jenny bakes with allsorts of wholesome grains like chia, buckwheat, rye and flaxseed once a week to fit in around her farming. 

    So, that's tick for local, tick for real sourdough hurrah!  Now we can continue doing the Nesty things we do and enjoy the fruits of Jenny's labour in our Nest menu.  You'll find Yarra Farm Sourdough in our triple decker steak sandwiches, with soup, toasted aside the Big Breakfast*, smothered in our Chocolate hazelnut spread or Salted Honey Butter for breakfast and much more on your next visit to Nest.

    The other grand thing about this is Jenny is selling her loaves at our Monthly Produce Market starting THIS SATURDAY 15 August. So do come along and support this wonderful local baker.

    *the big breakfast pictured here is not the latest on our Nest menu as we now also have home made baked beans oh YUM they are good.